Horseback riding doesn’t improve by luck, it improves because the rider has learned to do something different. At our international horseback riding school each summer in Montana we will offer a multidiscipline approach to riding. The student riders will experience many different types of riding so that they can learn fundamental truths, rules, techniques from each that will apply and shape their new innovative riding style. We expect our riders to have creative breakthroughs.

At our summer horseback riding school in Montana Anya navigates Whitey over the beginning of the water hazard

Anya has had six years of riding here in Montana during the summer with the beginnings of our international horse back riding school.

There are some fancy terms for what I hope will happen to your horsemanship as a result of your being here for the summer program. I expect a quantum leap for each of the riders. I expect greater insight about each of the major factors that make a good or a great rider. This can be achieved by exposing you to different disciplines of horsemanship. When I packed into the bob Marshall with a friend we had the gear in two paniers on the pack horse. After one hundred yards up the first bit of trail, the gear slipped and dove to one side of the animal. We modified the amount of gear on each side and set out again. after a second hundred yards, the paniers slipped to one side or the other. At that point we adequately learned about the need for balance. That need for balance on the pack horse is just as necessary when you are riding in your favorite discipline or in any discipline of horsemanship.   I am confident that you will learn something extremely important to your riding finesse from each of the disciplines you participate in. Some of you may be natural born riders who can be improved. Some of you may have to fight and scramble for everything you learn and learn to apply. Either way you will be better because of a multidisciplined approach to horsemanship. And it won’t be just riding. Whatever we can find that will make you a better rider, we will teach You may not integrate it all this first summer, but it will be yours to work on over time, a life time. We will make what we are teaching you available in a form that you can take home with you or share with others on those travels you’re going to want to make.  

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