Horses for every discipline and for every rider

Whitey look at us

Whitey one winter checking out his friends. Carrot?

There is no such thing as a perfect horse. You have to be a good rider or maybe a great rider to make the most of the horses you have. And the horse has to be a good or great horse to make the most of each rider he gets. Its a fair deal. You are both not perfect.

We are going to have great horses.
We are going to make them even better because you have ridden them.
The horses will be at a level where you can learn what we want you to learn from them. Who wrote the book “My horses my teachers?”

The instructors will provide some.
The trainers will provide some.
You may be able to talk us into bring your own horse!
PeaceHorse will have some.

We expect that some serious horsemen and horsewomen are going to want to participate by proxy. They are going to send a horse or two to help out. Temporary loan or permanent. Will give them a test ride. A chance to get to know us and we to get to know them. If there is some sweet adjusting to do, we will get the owner’s permission, go to work, and be ready for you and your PeaceHorse buddies.

He liked the tie I was wearing

Danielle and Dollar have returned from a bit of jumping. Dollar loved it. Danielle loved it even more.

Come on. Mount em up. Move ‘em out. Let’s make peaceful tracks.

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