Application for Riders

We want as many well qualified riders to participate in PeaceHorse as possible. Right now the maximum number of student riders is 100 per week.

They are a partnership.

If your application pictures have you looking as happy as Danielle and Dollar, you are a shoe -in!

If there are more applicants than slots available, we will be forced to pick individuals who have demonstrated an intense desire to be a better rider, a better person, and a force for peace in the world.

We will try to have balance so not everyone has to be the best to get in. The riders who are accepted merely must want to take their passion and soar with it. Use it as a God given gift that they can follow and wonderful things will come through it.

Becoming excellent riders through understanding more than just their own specific riding discipline. Developing a love for people from other cultures and an ability to see their differences and their value. Becoming a person who is not going to merely ride and watch the world disintegrate. Riding will be the vehicle by which these riders will develop relationships all over the world and assure that those relationships promote peace.

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