Montana: summer sites for riding school, camp, and vacations

Why do so many people come to Montana in the summer and the winter?

Many Glacier Lake, one of the many crystal clear lakes in Glacier.

We have natural beauty.
We have tons of sports and outdoor activities to do.
We have friendly people. Old West hospitality is still here. “How may I help you?”

Our school is located in the Flathead Valley in the upper left hand corner of Montana.Flathead Lake is surrounded by farms, ranches, forests, mountains and valleys with fields and meadows.

Our major towns are Kalispel, our county seat, and Whitefish the home of the Whitefish Mountain (formerly Big Mountain ski resort), Columbia Falls where the Flathead River flows, and Big Fork, our pretty as a picture cove and tourist mecca on the upper east side of Flathead Lake.

PeaceHorse has a variety of sites or venues set up for each riding discipline and activity. We want to give you a world class experience in Montana. Come and join us. You are welcome to change your riding world, add to your fun world, and help make our whole world a more peaceful less warlike place.

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