Sponsors to participate

The best way to make PeaceHorse happen and succeed and make a difference in the world is if one sponsor could be found for each student.

The goal is fifty students from each of the fifty states in the United States and fifty students from a variety of countries around the world.

It is my expectation that the effect of PeaceHorse and the publicity that it generates for its sponsors and advertisers and participants will be worth their investment.

One sponsorship from each of 100 corporations or governments throughout the world will create enough revenues for PeaceHorse to operate at full capacity with full benefits.

The proposed budget requires $1000 per week or $10,000 for a student for the full ten week program.

If Dow Chemical of Michigan and Shell of Holland can be brought aboard soon, as possible examples, the school will have the initial momentum necessary to gather other corporate sponsors forwith.

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