Sponsors and Advertisers make peace possible

It is the intent of PeaceHorse to permit organizations, both governmental and private, who have been involved in the peace process as well as contributing to war efforts, to take a leadership position in attempting to bring about peace through this new approach. Our approach asks that people who share a civilian passion get to know one another, like each other, work together on their passion and begin to work together to bring about peace everywhere.

It will take sponsors and advertisers to contribute to this effort and approach.

Whitey is being a faithful carrier of his rider.

Whitey has gone over many a cavaletti at the request of his young rider. He hasn’t fought her. He has been obliging. Given the opportunity to live with each other in peace, I think nearly all people on the planet would prefer that than war.

It would be a hard-hearted soul who wants war for the sake of his pocket book. We are asking all those organizations who have had to participate in war in some fashion to take a different view of their organization and see if they can’t contribute to not having their products and services used for military purposes, but modify what they can do to serve a world at peace. They will find it more satisfying and less risky.

Do you know a company or corporation or governmental entity that would be willing to turn some of its swords into plow shears if enough people asked and peace could be preserved? .

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