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A successful run over the course.

They have been over those jumps. Now to review some ideas and have a second go, perhaps even better than the last time.

I am determined to have good things happen in my life and others’.  I am determined that the world will be better for my existence.  You and I don’t have to succeed; we merely must try as hard as we can.
If you love  horses and riding  and you care about peace so that men women children creatures great and small, and the earth doesn’t have to suffer because of war, you can be part of the “we.” here. 
I am nothing by myself.  I am everything with you.  We can move mountains together.
It is abominable that horses should have to die in war as the film War Horse showed.  It is even more abominable that people, children, infants, old men and young, old women and young, should have to suffer horribly and die because several nation’s leaders cannot figure out a way to settle their differences, get along and work together.
I envision our school being chock full of people from around the USA and the world who love to ride, who want to get better, who would like to meet people from everywhere, have a chance to visit them, be with them, get to know them, and work for peace.  That is what we are going to do if you will be part of the “we.”
A partnership for good and for great, for riding and peace

Whitey and Tom together. Sun setting on them. Sun will be rising on us. What we dream, we can achieve. Peace and harmony with horse and rider; peace and harmony with each rider around the world.

Mount ‘em up!  Move ‘em out! Let’s start riding! Riding for peace.


  1. It is hard for me to believe that I can wax so poetical. Where is my vision? Where is yours? If we can dream it, can’t we achieve it? All those people makle war and all of us more wage it. Can’t the ALL wage peace and win over the war makers?

    • Tom (moi), of course we can. The inlaws just have to work harder than the outlaws. The war makers have power and wealth and fame to gain. the peace mkers merely have peace to preserve. Perhaps the peace isn’t good enough for them. Perhaps their lives are lives of quiet desperation. Perhaps we need to make the peace so much better for each and everyone of us.

      The peace is what our society includes to make peace so desirable.

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