Health of Rider and Horse

If a good horseman is aware of what type of food is good for his horse depending upon weather and exercise and age and other factors, why isn’t that rider concerned about what he or she does for his or her own health?

We want participants at PeaceHorse to know about health, to work on generating good health for themselves and their horses. Part of peace making is caring about others. Can’t we do something about helping Americans and people all over the world to have better health through knowledge of what is healthful for them? Can’t we help ourselves and our neighbors by figuring out how can we control our habits and behavior so that they are constructive and healthful?

Whitey and Tom are both in good enough health.  It could be better.  What could they each be doing differently?

Whitey and Tom are practicing over a low cavaletti and getting a little exercise at the same time. How are you doing getting exercise to build up your health?

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