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This school is designed to teach horseback riding skills to equestrians and peace making skills to equestrians on an international level. The idea that we can each be a peacemaker while we are enjoying our passions and joys is innovative. Shouldn’t peace and not war permeate our societies?

Whitey and Joy coming in from their pasture for an "interview" with their rider.

Not every day includes a ride. Sometimes Anya and the girls would just go out to see the horses, brush them, check on them, feed them. The girls wanted to stay informed about how their horses were. We would like to stay informed about how the world is doing and what we are doing about it. News Media, we are counting on you. Maybe what we are trying to do here is important. Maybe others can do likewise, with horses, with dogs, with sports cars, any thing and everything that people care about can be a combining thread to bring them together so that their relationships develop into loving supportive caring kind ones.

All forms of media are welcome to participate in following the PeaceHorse program and events and spread the word. You can enjoy life and do good at the same time. By sharing your love for what you love you can work toward peace with others who share your passions. Maybe peace could become a passion that we all, all of us on this planet, share. Let it be so. News Media people, please spread the word.

We will have a schedule of interdisciplinary horsemanship programs for you to look at and publish.

Each individual who participates will have a biography that the media can have copies of to create stories for that person’s local market.

Individuals may be interviewed by the media.

Great Form in warmup for Dressage

Dressage may be the sport of queens

We will generate newsworthy stories of the events and the interactions among the people of many lands.

As interactions occur between the elements of PeaceHorse and the broader community, those newsworthy events and activities and interchanges will be put into press releases.

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