Multi-Discipline approach for Horseback Riding Breakhroughs

hunter jumper stable for kids and yuoth

Long Gone Ranch outside Kalispel had flying ponies and sky pilot riders. If you have ever been turned loose on a hunter jumper course with a jumper, wow!

Wouldn’t you hate to do the same thing over and over? Don’t you think your dressage horse would like to have a life outside of his stall and the dressage arena? Probably you don’t want to risk it if he is doing pretty well. How about if you were to choose to go for broke. To reach for the stars. To see how good you and your horse really could be if you let yourself go? Who knows what you will find by trying something new and trying to understand it, live it, and be it.

That is a mile track to be run at a gallop. Can you do that?

Don’t you think all the other horse back riding disciplines have some value, some strengths, some skills required that are exceptional? If you could get 50% as good in each of those disciplines as the best in them, wouldn’t that add tremendously to your “gestalt”, your basic core, understanding and natural riding skills as a horseman or horsewoman or equestrian / equstrienne extraordinaire?

If you will go to the section where each of the different types of riding disciplines are listed, we will go through those with you and talk about how you can hope to gain by developing some adequate degree of proficiency in that discipline.

These horses are taking a hard look at the cows they will be working. You have a partner who has his own mind and his own ideas. Maybe he is smarter than you when it comes to cow sense. Anything else he may be smarter than you about?

Some people refer to this approach as “cross training.” We invite you to see how other people do it: to ride, to laugh, to live and to love.

The jockeys head out to the paddock to get their horse and mount up.

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