Advertisers would like to reach their own target market.

The horse world has money.  Because nearly every conceivable riding discipline will be included within PeaceHorse, all of the horse world will become aware of PeaceHorse and its purpose.

Whitey in a close-up

Star Light Express, aka Whitey, looks pretty magnificent in this summer photo. Beauty is as beauty does. I hope you will get to meet whitey. He is worth his weight in gold if it is your young daughter or son who is riding him.

Specific manufacturers and suppliers for the horse industry will have a “cat bird” seat both here in the USA and around the world.  By nesting their products and services next to a program that will help bring about peace, the advertisers can expect a warm reception of them and their products and services.

There will be numerous “canvasses” or media for the advertisers to display their message with its features and benefits for horsemen and supporters of horsemanship and peace.


painted jump standards

Why settle for white when you can have the colors of the rainbow

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