Round Pen for Training Horses Peacefully

The round pen is usually 50′ to 80′in diameter. It has a sand footing that is yielding but not so deep that it can cause quick overexertion. The walls are usually constructed of metal paneling in 8′ lengths.

Ms. Blue Shirt blocks Dollar's way forward so that he has to start following along the outer perimeter of the round pen

The girls team up to out number and out maneuver Dollar in the round pen. Dollar has done this enough that perhaps he should be teaching the girls how to use the round pen.

In the olden days a snubbing post might have been put in the center. Our approach to horsemanship has become and more and more an effort to get compliance through cooperation and understanding rather than brute force or out muscling the horse with mechanical advantageous means.

Anya gets to kiss her sweetheart Mr. Dollar.

Anya rewards Dollar with a kiss after a gentle kind successful session. Or is it Dollar who is kissing Anya and saying “Thank you?”

We hope that some of the alternative methods to help rider and horse develop a partnership rather than a dictatorship will be amenable to the relationships established by peace seeking individuals and their countries.

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