Fun and Friendships

The program at PeaceHorse has three components: Horsemanship, Peace Making, and Fun.

It will be so much fun that the students won’t want it to end.

Its wonderful to share a passion with someone who is good in many ways.

It is great to share one’s horseback riding passion with someone who has many great qualities and a few flaws, for balance. You never know who your best friend will be or where you will meet him or her. At Montana’s international riding school it is our expectation that every student will develop friends here who will be in their lives for the rest of their lives..


FUN AND FRIENDSHIPS: Just to start with being with people is a good deal!  You are going to be with people from all over the USA and around the world.  They will each have horses as one of their passions; a desire to make peace as something that they are working on; plus all their other interests and their delightful and different personalities shaped by family and friends and their own unique cultures.

In the evening there will be time for music:  playing instruments, singing, and dancing.  There will a juke box in the “canteen” and a dance band every weekend.  Students and guests and family and persons invited from the community will be there to shake a tail feather.

I see individuals playing the piano and guitar.  Singing songs from their own states or countries and cultures.  One of the “Projects” is to put together an international collection of lullalbies.  Songs that are sung in one country to put a baby to sleep with peaceful images will be recorded in both English and the native language, the sheet music written out with both English and the native language words printed up.  Art created to illustrate that song and country.  You will help teach people  that every culture tries to teach their infants to go to sleep with visions of love, peace, happiness in their heads.  Maybe some of the songs will tell about  “All the pretty horses.”

They have quite a few jumps to play with.

Anya and Danielle heading out to do the jumps on the hillside. For them today life doesn’t get any better than this. A beautiful place, a safe fun reliable cute horse, a riding partner who laughs and smiles and cares. This is summer in Montana on a good horse at a good school at a good time in one’s life.


EDUCATION: You will be learning about horsemanship and how to make peace possible.  Who knows what discoveries you’ll make by talking and listening to new friends from all over the world.


TRAVEL: I would like to be able to send student graduates on expeditions to other horse friendly countries and states.  Travel with your new friends.  Start meeting people who share your love for horses, knowledge about riding and horsemanship, and who will be excited to hear about what you have learned to make peace possible.  You won’t be traveling as a tourist; you will be traveling as am ambassador.  You will be with your new friends and making even newer  friends together.  The friendships are meant to last a life time.  With effort on your part, they will.


TRIPS:  While in Montana, let’s go places on Sunday if you haven’t had too much fun already that week.  We will take day trips to beautiful places in the mountains or at lakes and  by streams and or in lush green valleys.  Glacier National Park is around the corner (30 minutes away). There are  historic spots and economically important resources to see.  If we haven’t had enough of horses that week, we can go to horse shows and rodeos and other equine competitions.  We have The (combined training) Event at Rebecca Farm the second week of July to look forward to.  It’s world class!


TEAMS:  We are organizing the students into teams of approximately ten riders.  Every week the riders in each team get switched around.  You will have a new batch of students ( approximately 9 others) to get to know and enjoy.  It is our intention to have you spend some time with every person in the program.  You never know who you will meet who will become your best friend.  He or she could be from home or way abroad.

Even the dogs have a good time.

Snappy, one of the family’s dogs, shows you how much fun he has when he is out with the horses in the winter.


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