Beginners, Novices, Neophytes become equestrians at Montana Summer Riding School

If you have ever dreamed of becoming a horse back rider, a good horseman or horsewoman, equestrian or equestrienne, this may be the beginning of making your dream come true.

Young beginners meeting Star Light Express

We have a program for individuals who don’t know how to ride yet. A lot of riding comes about through developing a feeling of balance on the horse. The riders in the “beginner’s program” will spend a lot of time in the saddle just having fun in a relaxed non-technical way. Eventually we want you to begin to feel as if you were born on a horse, partner with your horse, meant for a horse.

Our little girl who loves horses and is not afraid of them gets to steer a course on Whitey

Our girl starts off the lifetime journey of becoming a horsewoman in the summer of 2002.. Whitey has a great disposition for her. He prefers to walk and not run.

You’ll learn the technical things but that will be after you feel at home on your mount for your summer in Montana.

We will take people of almost any age starting at around ten. There is no limit on how old you can be. However, it would be helpful and safer if you are still pretty flexible and agile and not too out of shape or too overweight.

If you are afraid of horses, you might do better waiting for us to develop a program just for overcoming that. Most of the people who want to ride start out with a love for horses and trust them intuitively.

We will be careful about which horses get to be your partner so you will have horses that like people, too.

If you love horses and want to be a peace maker, this is the place for you regardless of how good you are at riding now.

We are hoping to have 100 good riders from around the world each year. If you are new to riding, we can welcome you and develop you, too. We won’t emphasize the inter-discipinary approach with our beginning riders.

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