Ways to Participate

At our horseback riding school here in Montana this summer for international equestrians we are going to become knowledgeable about world history and world events.  What got us where we are?  What is going on now?  What are  possible courses of action  that may take place.  What do we think would be best? What else would we like to see happen?

Whitey has had a spin or two around the arena.  Now its time to talk about what they care about.

Whitey is a pretty good platform to see the world from, seeing the world through the ears of one’s horse. You don’t have to be talking about peacemaking all the time, but you don’t know when a good idea will come up and you will want to share it with a friend.


Read the paper, magazines, books, journals.

Listen to the TV and radio.  Participate in talk shows.

Log onto the internet and go to informative websites and chat rooms and groups.

Subscribe to news worthy websites or blogs.

Attend classes at local colleges and uiveristies.

Take classes on line.

Go to lectures.

Go to movies.

Create discussion groups.

Discuss things at home, with your family and friends.

Develop friends in foreign countries and talk with them about world events, and events in your country and theirs.

Develop pen pals in foreign countries and around the U.S. through your interest areas, like horses: www.TrotOn.com, www.HorseGroomingSupplies.com, etc.




Send off what you have written to the local newspaper, alumni magazines, journals, magazines.


Become available to speak in your community about what you have become knowledgeable about.  AND then do it: Give speeches and talks and presentations.  Work with others.



Get together with people and horses and talk about you rinterests and PEACE

The girls and I going on a picnic with some of our horse friends. We are learning to share and get along and have adventures.



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