PeaceHorse Peace Makers’ Team

PeaceHorse requires several types of in-house staff.

There are the administrators or officers who take responsibility for leading specific departments or divisions or areas of responsibility.

The good horseman supervises his horse at work and play and rest.

Nice to have caught a picture of Danielle being attentive to her horse’s needs and wants, the way we want our staff to look after the students here.

There are the paid staff, full time and part time who work under and for and in cooperation with that leader.

Also there are the volunteers who handle many of the chores and projects which cannot be turned over to a full time or part employee yet because of the desire to keep the directs costs down. The volunteers will get plenty of reward for their services. They are welcome to “audit” the rider’s activities when that would not be detrimental to the students’ learning.

At a later date the specifics of the responsibilities will be delimited and individuals will be asked to apply.

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