No More Hurting People – Martin, a Boston Bombing Victim

You all saw it. A photograph of Martin in front of his church after taking his first communion. He was clutching a poster that he had made. It had the Alpha and the Omega symbols on it. God, from the beginning to the end. God in everything. God everywhere.

Is God in hurting people. Martin knew. His poster had a message on it. His message. You didn’t have to be a grown up or from the USA or Chesnia in Russia to know its true: “No More Hurting People.”

If a little kid can be that smart, why can’t all of us, ALL of US?

We each need to stay on Martin’s path. We each need to bring people who have been hurt back to the good path, the path of forgiveness and healing. Were the two brothers from Chesnia hurt. Must have been.

Stop hurting people. Parents, teachers, students, bosses, guardians, supervisors, prisoners, prison guards. We have to stop hurting people so that they will not hurt other people.

Oh, horses. Dogs, Cats. Let’s learn how to treat them and each other well, kindly, effectively, graciously.

Maybe we can figure out a way to make riding therapeutic for the men and women who have been hurt and are tempted to hurt others. Horses can be healed from abuse, sometimes. Can men and womnen who have been abused and hurt be healed from what they have experienced that has traumatized them and given them, they think, and excuse to pass it on?

Peace does start with each of us, in our relationships. Be healed and whole. Pass that on!

Let’s ride together and discover how we are going to make peace one person and one rider at a time.

International Riders sought. Iranian or expatriot

You won’t believe how bold I am to try to make this all happen. If a person is brave enough to go to war, don’t you think he should be brave enough to go to peace? If you are brave enough to charge into bullets, don’t you think you would be brave enough to meet someone new and ask that person to help make peace?

This past week, February 28th or so, I flew back from Chicago to Kalispell. The plane flew to Salt lake City and I had a two and a half hour layover. I must have talked to ten people during that two hour period.

I sat in an area where several corridors connected. I watched people coming and going. I kept an eye out for what made individuals look good. “The look” is what Maria Callas might have suggested when she was describing how she was determined to have a career. She lost weight and dressed fabulously for her.

I complemented two women and a man on how “together, united, and elegant they looked.” Thee were two women dressed to the nines in tall black dress boots. One even had a snazzy mini fur coat on. She was very lovely, Hollywood quality, and possibly very rich. The other woman was a stewardess. She was dressed in red with a pink scarf and a pink corsage. Her tall black polished boots had towering heels that would have been difficult to work in, one would think. When I spoke to her I found out that her secret was very thick socks that provided padding.

The person I want to tell you about was a woman with dark hair and a somewhat dark complexion. She had her mother with her, I assumed, and child. I can’t remember whether it was a boy or a girl. But she, too, was wearing magnificent tall black riding boots, but they had a golden spur accent on each heel. Very unusual. I hoped that she was an equestrian and someone I could talk to about PeaceHorse. I sat near her in a food mall and eventually struck up a brief conversation as she went by. She was not an equestrian. She had left Iran twenty some years ago and had established a new successful life here where she was studying for a PhD in science. I lamented that we couldn’t talk horses but I suggested that she go to my website and see what she thought of the idea of inviting people from all over the world to ride together, to have fun together, and to learn how to make peace together.

I did not hear from her. I googled her and found her and sent her an email, but alas, no response.

What will it take to be able to get the idea of following your passion and making peace at the same time a foremost goal? In “first world” or “second world”, maybe not the third world, countries, individuals have a chance at doing what they love and making a decent life, letting the money follow.

My poor brother Steve ended up in the family meat packing equipment business running the family company. I don’t think Steve was happy. He died a year or so ago.

I would like to encourage everyone who is not in a survival mode to try to figure out what their passion is (if it doesn’t hurt people) and then follow it, make a living, become an expert, become very good at it or part of it, read everything there is printed about it, write about it, talk to others about it who are smarter and those less knowledgeable than you are, and then do it.

To the lady from Iran, I hope you will stumble upon this blog some day and send me a comment. I bet you have friends who would be great peace makers and who also could become excellent passionate horseman or horsewoman.

Peace, love, and joy to each of you. Tom

Good time for Whitey and Joy, summer grass still tall and rich.

Whitey and Joy are demonstrating how satisfying it is to be who you are, to do what you love and make a living at it.

Althernative Therapy Expert Kay Cloude Included

Today, March 7, 2013, Kay Cloude from Whitefish will be meeting with Tom Schmidt, director of PeaceHorse, to talk about ways that her innovative studies, research, and techniques can be used and taught at the Peace Horse Montana International Summer Riding school.

Kay has been involved in a life time passion of creating and keeping good health for people and animals, primarily horses.

For instance, Kaye demonstrated to Tom’s horse Whitey the advantages of a gum massage. If you want to get cooperation from someone, how about making it pleasurable? Whitey sure purred like a kitchen when she worked with his upper and lower front gums.

Let’s learn what else we can do for man, woman and beast that isn’t found in your standard horse back riding book.

If you see a cute yellow VW convertible on the roads of Whitefish, whinney! That will be Kay on a mission.

Kay has many claims to fame. If you want to see some “rootin’ and shootin’ hard ridin’ cowgirls, you can ask Kay to bring her gang of “wild women of the west” to your event. We plan to see them demonstrate their stuff at PeaceHorse either.

A kiss isn’t the same thing as a gum massage, but who is counting?

Anya gets to kiss her sweetheart Mr. Dollar.

Anya rewards Dollar with a kiss after a gentle kind successful session. Or is it Dollar who is kissing Anya and saying “Thank you?”

Merry Christmas

We at PeaceHorse celebrate the birth of Christ because he directs us to make peace not war. He tells us that the great commandment is to love God above all else and to love our neighbor as ourselves.

What God wishes for us and asks us to do turns out to be good for us. So why don’t we do what God asks us to do? Isn’t our Father a loving father?

The night people heading to Bethlehem

Joseph and Mary straggling into Bethlehem looking for a place for Mary to lay her head and rest. Jesus comes that night born in a manger with animals for witnesses and shepherds and angels outside the barn door.

Artist: Edna Marie Schmidt, The Christmas Travelers, oil on canvass, 20″ x 24″, 1995

A New Year for a new international horseback riding school this summer in Montana

Is Happy New Year enough or do you have to put some muscle and some brain into it?

Do you want this year to be like the last one or would you like it to be better?

Equestrian and owner check out the snow covered arena

Our rider has been at school for a semester. She took Whitey out for a spin. No jumps, no dressage. Just a pleasant afternoon riding on her horse on the snow.

If you will let me know that you are interested in making a difference this NEW YEAR, lets get started!

We can start off by trying to make our society better.

I work at an ice skating rink for fun in the winter. I play hockey and teach skating and hockey puck shooting to the kids and adults who come to the recreational sessions for which I am the skate host.

I have ideas. Others have ideas as to how to improve it. Could we start off by assuming that the boss would like to make the program as good as possible with the resources he has been allocated.

It takes some tact, politeness, courtesy, understanding and it takes some good ideas. Plus, how about some listening. Can we put that together and then do it?

I’ll let you know how it turns out.

One small improvement by each of us will be a huge improvement overall.

Ponies need love AND RAIN.  When Danielle calls her horses, dollar and Poco, they come running.

Danielle’s horses look forward to their riding mistress calling them. Danielle whistles and they come running. Dollar and Poco won’t be at the PeaceHorse international riding school this year, but we can have you meet some others who will be.

World Peace through friendships, caring, sharing, and Christ

It is Christmas eve here in Montana. The snow lays on the ground cool and white and fresh, not cruel. our family is skiing. I am typing, playing the piano and singing. Trying to get a little more centered for the day and the tomorrows.

Our Iraqi war veteran at church struggles with his life as do thousands of soldiers and 100,000′s of civilians.

What are we going to do?

“Du bis genoug” German for “You are enough.” You are enough to make the difference. No matter how you are, you are enough to make the difference.

Do not give up hope. Have all the hope you need to see the good and do it. To resist the evil and transform it.

Friday afternoon a fawn and her mother were eating from our bird feeder’s droppings. The fawn was very small, a late birth this summer. she will probably have a tough time making it through the winter. I will try to remember to put some grain out each evening on the ground for her and her mother. Who knows who will get it.

I cannot bare to have another child die, whether it be a fawn or a human, needlessly.

Nature has a system of creating extra so that the species won’t die out. This little fawn outside my window who stood her ground as I came up the sidewalk, may have to die in the cold and snow and lack of greens this winter. do our children have to die of hunger, or war, or terrorism, or shootings?

Can’t we raise our children so that they don’t have to grow up to be soldiers? Can’t we be good enough parents so that our kids don’t grow up to be shooters? If they are depressed and demented, can’t we recognize that and get them help, for their own sakes and for the safety of others?

We have a lot to do.

Would you pray with me? “Dear sweet God, please give us the knowledge of the good and the courage to do it. Make us believe that we are enough to be your hands and heart on this earth. Amen.”

Merry Christmas!

Tony the spaniel died at 11 months. A saint. Perfect, kind, good, obedient, loving. Why him?

Protecting Children in Newtown CT and Everywhere in the World

Sunny laid open to determine the cause of her colic

Sunny died at 20 years old. She had colic. She said goodbye to be at 1:37 in the morning with a nudge of her nose. She took three steps away from me and collapsed in death. The vet and I autopsied her to find out why. You and I will autopsy America to find out why?

It is more than a tragedy to have those sweet innocent children in Newtown CT murdered. It is a tragedy to have children anywhere in the world murdered. Murdered by guns, swords, bombs, land mines. Murdered by hunger or thirst or disease or injuries. Their souls murdered by oppression and racism and discrimination and poverty and lack of education and lack of freedom or opportunity. Anything that you and I would not want for our children, that we think would be brutal or unfair or unjust or cruel, we need to consider a tragedy of the same proportion as the slaying of innocent lambs in Connecticut.

America may be able to make huge steps forward in how it treats mentally ill youth that are prone to violence because of the tragedy at Newtown CT

America may be able to figure out a way to treat mentally ill adults who are prone to acts of violence.

Parts of our culture do a great deal of this damage. 95% of what we do every day we do without thinking about. It is what we do because of the culture we are raised in and live in.

Guns and violence. Is there any doubt that the unspeakable horrible violence and EVIL visited upon the children in the classrooms at
Sandy Hook elementary school was a reflection of what our entertainment industry provides us? Don’t we permit and watch that distorting and perverting entertainment in our homes through TV or the internet? In how many other ways does that “evil” culture infiltrate into our nation’s desired values and norms. Are we the enablers?
If we don't help a mentally troubled or mentally ill person, we or our society may have to pay a bigger price. In Newtown, it was a cost too huge, too unrepayable. What price would it have been worth to have prevented it?

We need to be our brothers and sisters' keepers. We need to make sure that all of our children here in the United States are safe.

What about the innocent little children overseas? Do their parents not feel the same anguish, horror, soul destruction, when their innocent children are slaughtered in a 100 different ways.

There are things we can do here and abroad. Let's learn them and then do them, for God's sake.

Obama quoted Jesus, "Suffer the little children to come unto me." The children are important to Jesus and to us. We must take care of them so that they have a good air healthful start.

Making peace includes creating just societies where everyone has a fair chance to develop himself or herself, to reach his or her own potential, to follow his or her dreams and passions to create good and life and joy.

We have been asleep at the switch. We have followed too long and too much the desires of our own hearts. Can't we get together to do good together. Our children make our civilization. Let's work on making our children safe. Make as many of the children as possible mentally healthy and work to improve the mental health of all those who became damaged either through DNA, their genetics, or through their environment, traumatic events in their lives.

If we make our own society more peaceful, won't we help to eliminate insane violence like Newtown? If we help to make other societies satisfy the needs of their people better, won't they be more 0ezeful, and less likely to strive for a war for whatever reason?

Learn to make peace through creating a just society here and helping our neighbors overseas create just societies for themselves. Peace consider joining PeaceHorse. Please consider starting your own PeaceWorld around you r interests and passions.

Children ice skating

A little oil pastel portraying children skating at the recreational rink in Helena. Montana. Far. They are far away from the troubles of the nation and the world, usually. The cancer of violence spreads and begins to infect all of us.

Rumors of Snow please participate. U R AWESOMEST

Dear Rumors of Snow,

Storm Cl;ouds Rising

Midwestern weather in the summer includes storms that can shake one’s faith in their ferocity.

You and I chatted while I was on Lamentably that relationship crashed. I subscribe to what you and your buds do up there in Canada. I like it. I know photos and images are important. I would love to talk with you about doing videos for International Horseback Riding School to end war and make riders better by riding in many different disciplines.

When and what do you use?

When are the means we might use too harsh or the tools too sharp? Do we destroy peace by how we end war?

We could use some videos now to get people excited about coming here. The we do some videos to show everyone who didn’t come what they would have experienced, learned, and could do for the world and their horses and horsemanship.

Peace and Horseback Riding are both complicated and simple

Whitey and Joy wait by the barn. They have their creek for water, their field for grass, and a bucket of oats or so every day. They have me to look out for them. And I do.

Life is complicated. The principles are simple. Love one another. Keep your heels down.

I am excited about being able to do this blog and website. I do not believe that you need to think that riding is easy or that making peace is easy. If it were so simple everyone would be a great riders.If it were so easy, we wouldn’t have new wars starting every week in the newspaper or old wars continuing.

I do not intend to try to teach you how to be a great rider over the internet, through this blog/website. In this website/blog you will see what can be done at PeaceHorse about your riding and why it might work better or differently than anything else you have ever tried.

If you are not great yet, but you have been trying to be a great rider and it isn’t happening yet, this might be the answer to breaking that barrier or getting that insight you need.

However, I don’t expect you to come to PeaceHorse to be great. I expect you to come here because you want to be better in may ways. You want to honor your passion for horses, you want to share that passion with others who feel the same way that you do, and you want to do something worthwhile with that passion beyond just trotting around with your horse and your horsey friends.

You need to do something with your life that is meaningful. Every human being who is adequately aware searches to give his or her life meaning. I believe we find meaning by loving. Victor Frankel in his book Man’s Search for Meaning stated that at the heart of his discovery while enduring hell in a concentration camp. The world needs you caring about others and doing something with that caring. AND you need the world so that you can love and care about others in it.

We are going to have you meet new people, people from different cultures than yours. You will care about them. You will like them. You will want their lives to work better also. You will want to try to help the people in their countries. Help them have peace and justice and equality and a fair opportunity.

But beside wanting to have new and different friends for you to learn from and help in social community ways, I would like you to care about the suffering of others. There is war. We need to try to prevent it and end it. There is also the suffering caused by hunger, and famine, and drought, and flood, and natural disasters, and injustice, and too few resources .or too few resources being shared.

We will talk about that here, too. We can put a lot about that up on the pages here.

Don’t expect this site to be simple. The problems are complicated and the dreams are big. It will take a lifetime just to understand some of it.But it is the most important thing you will ever do, to try to bring about a better world. You will get to do it through your passion for horses!

You are expected to come here loaded for bear. We are not going to do all the work for you. You have to come with ideas and knowledge and skills that you have tried to develop.

The more you bring with you, the more we can create together.

We will create together what we need to create to make this world more peaceful.


We welcome the questions and interests of both national and international news entities.

We will be prepared to send you information about the school and its various programs.

It is expected that local media from the home towns and cities of participants will want to be involved what the participant is doing each week and has learned.  The lessons of horsemanship will not be as relevant to as large an audience as what that participant is learning about peace making.

We will have a handsome biography of each participant so that the interested  newe media can work from it.

There will be press releases sent to media on a weekly basis or as newsworthy events happen at PeaceHorse.