Lungeing Classical Method for Training Horse by Rider

Why would anyone want to get on a horse that won’t behave on a lunge line?

The girls have Dollar in the round pen for lungeing.

Two girls are learning together how to get Dollar to respond to their command in a round pen. They have a lounge whip for driving and communicating. The lunge line hasn’t been hooked on yet. Its attachment to the halter or the cavesson needs to be done correctly and thoughtfully.

Walk, trot, canter, halt, reverse, and come to me are the principles commands that the horse learns to respect on the lounge line.

It is a great way for the horse to develop self- balance.

A rider can be put on the horse’s back during lungeing and he or she will not have to pay attention to the reins, but can work on developing an independent following or signaling seat.

When at a competition one can usually not find a place to exercise his horse in a turn out. Le voila the lunge line.

Peace Horse wants it s students to understand how to lounge a horse and what are the uses the rider can make of it.

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